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Are you currently blacklisted or under debt review and do not qualify for car finance as a result? Rent to Buy a car offers a wide range of affordable rent to own car deals to ensure that we can help you get a car to get around in Johannesburg. We have partnered with major renttobuyacar houses to allow you to “rent to own” our previously loved, off fleet vehicles regardless of your credit record, we look only at affordability, so if you have a steady income you can drive and own your own

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Our rent to own car deals are simply the best.

How Our Rent to Own Deals Work

At we go the extra mile to ensure that our rent to own car lease application process is as quick and easy as possible. Your deposit will be a minimum of R10,000. You choose the car you need, add a first option to buy or sell to your car rental contract and pay your lease on time every month for 54months and keep the car well serviced and maintained. If you stuck to your obligations and made all the necessary payments on-time, we will get only R1500 when we sell the car at the end of the rent to own term.

Why Choose for Your Next Rent to Own Car Lease Deal

– We offer a wide range of cars on our rent to own fleet.

– We buy our cars in bulk, this allows us to negotiate better deals with manufacturers – this allows us to push these savings onto our clients.

– We keep our overheads low – meaning that we can save our clients, even more, money on our rent to own car lease deals.

– We offer some of the best rent to own car rental rates on the market.

– Our rent to buy car leasing application process is quick and easy

– You won’t find a quicker and easier rent to own car lease deal

Call us on 0827147154 and speak to one of our rent to own consultants about the ideal rent to own car lease deal for your needs.

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