Insight Regarding Plastic Ban (Year 2018)

A plastic bag is a type of container made of thin, flexible, plastic, or plastic textile. These are used for containing and transporting goods such as foods, produce, powders, ice, chemicals, and waste. It is a common form of packaging products.

Millions of plastic bags are being use for an easier packing but it only last until the moment anti-plastic ordinance was implemented. Anti-Plastic Ordinance is a regulation prohibiting and regulating the uses of plastics for goods and commodities that end up as residual waste. Since then, the usage of plastic was set to the minimum possible quantity.

The main reason for banning plastic is because of its negative impacts in humans, wildlife, and environment. Plastic contains toxic chemicals that can be harmful to human’s health. It can entangle animals and can also be ingested by them that may both lead to death. It can also pollute the environment that can bring destruction to it.

It is harmful for the environment but not for the stores within the market. Plastics are being used for packaging goods and items because of its durability and cheap value.

Since the usage of plastic was banned, it greatly affects the operation of almost all stores. Instead of plastic bags, store owners use paper bags as substitute in packing their goods and items. Paper bags are much expensive than papers bags which leads in a costly packaging. It also affects the purchasers from these stores. It is harder to carry paper bags since it don’t have handle while plastic bags are commonly made with handles.

The anti-plastic ordinance is somehow troublesome for the vendors and customers. But there is nothing they can do to change the fact that the usage of plastic has already been banned. The only thing they can do is to accept the ordinance implemented and adjust according to it. They must take action to solve their problem.

Making adjustment is not that easy, it requires time and patience. At first, it would be hard but later on the vendors and customers will get accustomed to it. One of the recommendations is the usage of eco-friendly bags. Eco-friendly bags can be used over and over again leading to lesser expenses. This would be convenient to both vendors and customers.

The insight of store owners doesn’t differ with each other when pertaining to plastic ban. After all, it all affects them the same way no matter what their profile is.

Paper bags look more presentable than plastic bags but are much expensive. Normally, females prefer appreciate fancier appearance of a certain matter (dress, shoes, etc.) than males, but talking about female store owners, they can be as practical as male store owners when it comes to financing.

Plastic is considered as one of the most practical packaging item. Elders are commonly much practical than youngsters because of the gap in experience. But when pertaining to business, the gap is getting shorter because either age range must first invest enough time to gain knowledge about the operation of a certain business before starting.

Plastic is the cheapest form of packaging. When it comes to financial capability, the rich doesn’t mind spending money but the poor are being hesitant. But when it comes to business, no matter what is the social status of a store owner he/she will always consider the expenses that his/her business will gain.

When it regards to a business, it doesn’t matter what is the profile of the store owners. All types of people become practical once they engage in the business industry which is necessary for them to survive.