Baba Dwarkanath Sentenced to 25 Years in Jail for Forcing Himself on a Disciple for Sex

Baba’s and so-called holy men are the bane of India, and even as the government jails two, another four emerge. At a time when public awareness of the role of the Baba’s is high. the cases of rape by these holy men are not going down. India’s foremost tantrics Baba Asa Ram and Ram Rahim Singh have been jailed on charges of multiple rapes. News 18 has reported another bizarre case where a tantric named baba Dwarkanath lured a young wife to his ashram and after sending her husband away to carry out a religious ritual repeatedly had carnal knowledge of her body on the pretext of curing her stomach ailment.

The incident took place in the ashram of the baba in Vrindavanclose to Mathura in UP, India.

Baba Dwarkanath’s devious plan

The lady who was a firm believer in the powers of the Baba Dwarkanath visited the Ashram located in Mathura district close to Vrindavan along with her husband and four-year son.Both the husband and wife met the baba Dwarkanath, and the lady sought the baba’s help in curing a recurrent stomach ailment. The Baba advised the couple to stay in the ashram for the night and allotted a room to them on the first floor.

At night the Baba came to the room with an earthen lamp (diva) and asked the husband to go down and stay there till the flame was extinguished. He promised to invoke his powers in the meantime and cure the wife.

The husband duly went down, and in his absence, the Babaforced himself on the lady. He followed up with another round and threatened that in case she did not comply he would destroy her family with his power.


The lady told her husband who reported the matter to the police. With new all-around awareness, the police swung into action and after due inquiry and medical examination booked the Baba for rape under the IPC. The case was committed to a fast-track court. During the trial, the lady for unknown reasons denied that Baba Dwarkanath had raped her and said that probably the act was committed by some other person.

Her evidence was disregarded by the magistrate who has now sentenced the Baba Dwarkanath to 25 years jail term. This is a strict punishment, and the followers of the Baba are aghast at the quantum of the sentence. The police have sealed the ashram.

Last word

The case was transferred from the local Sessions court to the fast track court and the trial completed inside four months. The case was heard by the additional district judge, Vivekanand Sharan Tripathi. He has apart from the jail term also imposed a fine of Rs 25,000, and on its non-payment, the accused would have to undergo a further jail term of 27 months.