Womens Safety: A Doubt in Today’s Era

In the 21st century. Many technologies are evolving day by day and lots of things are innovating by our scientists. Not any even field are left where we not get success. In sports,In space and lots of many more. And more interesting thing is that in every field womens are not pacing back. They giving competition mens.

In sports women icons are Sakshi Malik,P.V.Sindhu,Sania Mirza,Jhulan Devi.In space missions like Kalpana Chawla, Sunita Williams and such many womens are giving best in their own fields. But it is very shameless that we not giving them proper security.

Nowadays crimes touching the peak specially lots of crime related to womens. In last few years. The latest National Crime Records Bureau data reflect that how incidents of rapes have gone up by 12-15% while other crimes have risen by 3-5%. If we take just city-wise percentage. Bengaluru and Pune have witnessing a incidence of crimes against women. The highest number of rape have been reported from the states of Madhya Pradesh (4,882),Uttar Pradesh (4,816) and Maharashtra (4,189).

Government implement many laws and now implementing. But Why not crime against women decreasing? because a proper facilities are not providing by government. 1090 is women’s helpline but sometime it’s not reachable or busy. And also not giving strict punishment by government to criminals.As we talk about other countries. The punishment for rape is in Saudi Arabia criminal commend to death. In Malaysia criminal have cut it private part and as like many more countries who give horrible punishment. But it is very unpraising thing that our country’s process is that jail, court, dates, protest, riots and finally released.

When will end the crimes against women now we are losing hope that like this our womens face many difficulties in daily routines.violence,sexual assault,beaten,rape,molesting.It’s very dangerous that our government not doing anything they taking any steps day by day rapes are increasing in large number.My though is that cut their private parts for committing rapes.This is the best punishment for them.

Not justice. Latest crime is happened in Katua in Unnao where a girl rapped and when her father gone to police station for complain he was beaten black and blue and he dead.This is our country. Pornography also forces to bad intention towards women. So,still question raise Is women safe or not? Answer is coming that NO!