The Gates Of Hell

As if a will full provocation man has too often asserted themselves through evil intentions. The evil that man continues to do has most assuredly opened up the gates of Hell. By design and by purpose through deceit and deception the lives and livelihoods of millions are at the mercy of just a few.

We have seen this played out through-out history. The meek, the downtrodden masses have yet to inherit the earth. They are continually forced through the gates of Hell. Today, is no different only the circumstances and players have changed. Wave after wave of disastrous consequences mankind is still at the mercy of those who continue to profit off the misery of so many.

The undisputed anguish through-out the world their cries remain unheard. The torment of those who keep falling ill leaves no doubt that the travesty being played out today is just another example in history where the well being of humanity is forsaken by an opportunity for some to profit off of others misfortune. The emotional impact has only exasperated the misery of so many. Frustrated by the incompetence of government whose failures through the years has heightened the dangers we are faced with today.

The gates of Hell have opened up by a Pandemic that should never have been. The chain of reactions around the globe have unleashed more torment when facing our future. It is too late now for the blame game but every government must take responsibility to ensure that another crisis of this magnitude doesn’t set off a terror so unimaginable that sends humanity back into the caves.

People are now faced with loss of liberties, a new social order has arisen. The financial implications of which are forcing millions more being forced through the gates of hell. The war has already begun. The United States has already turned it’s back on one who has the moral integrity while condoning others who have shown no inclination or have the where-with-all to steer this nations population and the world from being exiled into a purgatory existence.

The battle lines are drawn. Is there time to advert the ultimate tragedy? That depends on the leadership we chose. So far the United States has chosen unwisely. It has been over 60 years since the US had the kinda leadership that earned America’s respect from all around the world. This just shows the deplorable decline in our educational system. Until the United States doesn’t have to chose the lesser of two evils in leadership roles more people will be filling through the gates of hell.