The Obstruction Of Democracy

It should came as no surprise that Mike Bloomberg in his disdain for not only Bernie Sanders but the voting public is using not only his own wealth to finance one of the most saturated campaign adds we have seen but is being backed by many Wall Street financiers in his bid for the Presidency. It is not hard to fathom that Bloomberg is so well connected to Wall Street with ties going back to the late 1970’s. With people like Bill McNabb of Vanguard or Lloyd Bankfein of Goldman Sachs and others have so much to loose if Bernie Sanders manages to win in November.

Bloomberg’s decision to seek the Democratic Nomination is all based on not serving the publics good but preserving a ruling class elite. His willingness to spend unprecedented amounts of money with the onslaught to TV adds where the press and so many people are gullible to actually believe all that he promises shows that with money one can but their way onto the national stage. One might recall when Ross Perot took to the airways again with his own money he tried to educate the American Public of the dangers of our national debt. In that light the money spent went to inform and educate. All that Bloomberg is doing is self proclaiming that he and he alone can defeat Trump and nothing more. No substance and no real plan of direction is being offered. Self embellishment of the kind we see with Trump is all we are getting.

Keeping the wealth with the wealthy elite where money begets more money and control is why Trump remains in power and why Bloomberg is surging. With more people being beguiled by the allure of so much money of people like Bloomberg is a testament of how ill equipped we actually are to see what really is behind his motive. With Bloomberg’s ties with Wall Street which are also tied to the IMF, The World Bank and our own Federal Reserve makes it very possible that he will obstruct our democratic process. The makeup of Bloomberg’s game plan is to buy influence with lobbyists and super delegates with the full backing of the DNC to overrule the voting public. In other words they are trying to sabotage the democratic process and Bernie Sanders. Our votes won’t matter is the essence of the tactics used by the super wealth elite and Mike Bloomberg.

If they get away with this obstruction of our Democratic process now the future of the United States will always be forever linked to what money in politics has done in corrupting a nation. The ruling oligarchy ruling class elite will continue to sabotage and obstruct Democracy. If our Founding Fathers were alive today they would not tolerate the antics of people like Bloomberg or Trump.