Studying for the CPA Exam While Working?

Studying CPA Exam is harder than you can imagine. It gets harder when you’re also working at the same time. The struggle is real. This is my personal experience as I finish college and started working as an office clerk at this one law firm in Texas. The goal is to finish college under the course in Accounting and I was successful to finish my Bachelor of Science in Accounting. The problem started when I finish college and needed to pay for my own apartment. This is where adulthood comes in and you starting to realize the responsibility of adulthood. I had no choice but to work even if I’m not a CPA yet. Taking the CPA Exam was the original plan after college but our family encountered a financial problem, so I had to step in and be an adult. I’m 24 years old, living on my own, and paying my way of living. The job as an office clerk helps a lot on my financial status. However, there is an empty goal on my list. And that is to be a CPA.

So, I started thinking and looking at things into different perspectives. Although my job pays the bill, I still want to be a CPA. I decided to take the CPA Exam this year. Hopefully, I can finish all Four Section in a year or so. I haven’t take the exam since I graduated college. I had to put it on hold so I can work and pay the bills. Things are crazy than I thought.

Taking the CPA Exam is not easy. There are so many requirements need to comply, which luckily I was able to accomplish just in time before the exam. Now, I have 2 months left before my first section exam. I can’t wait to finish this!

The real problem now is the studying. It will be an easy piece of cake if I was not working at the same time. I like studying. When I was in college, I like studying and really focus on my course. I keep things in balance. But now, that I’m also working, things are really complicated than I thought. Definitely, not an easy multi-tasking. Time management came into play the role. It is important that I can handle two things at the same time. So after working 8-9 hours a day, I need to get home as early as possible, to study. I study for 5-6 hours and then go to sleep. Same routine for the next 2 months until I finish taking an exam and wait for the score. There will still be 3 sections remaining. I guess, I just have to be patient and focus on this goal. I can do this! Right?