\”The Importance of Giving”

One of my most cherished books is Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. Einstein had a different learning style and never really blossomed academically until he picked up a violin and began playing as a little boy. He often attributed his clarity of thought and creativity to the practice of playing music (by engaging both hemispheres of the brain).

I also had a different learning style than most. As a little girl, I struggled in the classroom. When I picked up the violin, it was as if the shackles that had been holding my mind’s potential hostage started to release.

The book was a great reminder of two things:

1. I am not alone. Other people have struggled with the same issues I face and gone on to do great things.

2. Sometimes the keys to your success aren’t always obvious.

While we were cleaning out our home this spring, I decided to give this book to a deserving young girl or boy with the hope that it may encourage them to study science, or at the very least, embrace whatever struggle they may be enduring.

There is a certain magic that you feel when you give some of what you have and/or some of who you are to brighten someone’s day.

This is the true gift of giving.

While we were doing our spring cleaning I found my beloved grandmother’s handmade crocheted blankets. She enjoyed making these blankets while unwinding after a long day at work.

As I reached adulthood, I began to realize the relaxation that happens when I wrap Grandma’s beautiful blanket around me and feel her comforting presence surround me. To share her handmade blankets with my children is a wonderful gift.

When you are doing your spring cleaning or packing to move to a new house what kind of hidden treasures will you find to share with others?

Perhaps you have treasured books, DVDs, CDs, clothes, shoes, musical instruments or other household goods to share.

Maybe you will find a lost heirloom like my Grandma’s handmade blanket, a beautiful bowl, a silver tray or other things from your grandparents and great grandparents that you can share with other family members.

Giving the gift of music:

While doing our spring cleaning I decided to give the gift of music to several of my former students, teachers, and friends who I knew would enjoy them. I shared Concerts and masterclasses on videos and DVDs of the greatest classical musicians Heifetz, Casals, and others playing the violin, viola, or cello. Also, I shared magazines and books about the great artists work and gave instruments in my collection to several students, teachers, friends, and local music schools.

So what gifts will you share with others?

What seeds of growth will you plant in others?

We also donated to GoodWill and Disabled American Veterans my books on teaching fractions and decimals to students in grades K-5, the fun way, through musical rhythm. (Musical Notes On Math) and “The Secret of Teaching Science & Math Through Music.”

If my book helps a few children to understand fractions and decimals it will be worth it!

What gifts will you share with others?

Madeline’s Rusty Nail story:

Having traveled the world playing concerts and teaching classes, my husband and I have purchased coffee mugs representing the wonderful places we have traveled. These mugs have scenes of the cities we visited. We decided to gift many of these mugs so others could enjoy them.

What gifts will you share with others?

What seeds of growth will you plant in others by giving that special gift?

Will one of your gifts help others take that first step for their future?