What Really Are Human Rights?

I believe the concept of rights is terribly mixed up, misleading, and deliberately confused by some.

While the intention of the United Nations was good when it brought in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, these rights tend to bring about a victim-state of mind and being. They tend to be abused by some.

For example, how many times have we heard it is a person’s right of free speech to malign and degrade another publicly? I have heard that being misused like that all too often.

The rights in the Universal Declaration on Human Rights are well-meaning rights that some want to bring in by law. And they are well-meaning. But they tend to be misused and confused by the not-so-well-meaning.

As said, these are Human Rights. That means, they are made by humans, and policed by humans. They are not Natural Rights. We are not born with these human rights.

There are Natural Rights, and these are an outflowing right. Human Rights on the other hand are an inflowing right, and so can lead to a victim state of mind or a look-what-you-did-to-me mentality.

The only rights you are born with are the following natural God-given rights. Those are the right to be compassionate, the right to be kind to others, and the right to help others. You have these rights. They are instinctive. They happen without thinking. If the world lived with them in mind, it would be a better place. All great thinkers of the spirit promoted them. Animals subscribe to them too. They are natural to life.

You could possibly add others such as you have a right to protect yourself and your family and friends and groups.

But such cannot be enforced. You cannot be made to be kind. You cannot be forced to help. You cannot be made to protect yourself and others. So we then turn these Natural Rights into Human Rights, so they then can be enforced by law.

So when reading rights, understand they only work when used with compassion, kindness and in an effort to help.

And if you are kind, compassionate, and act in this way when helping, then you will naturally receive back the reciprocal rights that we call Human Rights. But if you are unkind, selfish and so on, then you will find that your so-called rights are continually trodden on.

That is how the universe around us works.