5 Areas Where Public Officials Must Align Well – Considered, Relevant, And Sustainable Idealism!

In recent years, we have witnessed a turn, towards, far – less, cooperation, and valuable compromise, and, more, partisan, My way or the highway, behavior, by our political leaders, politicians, and public officials! We need leaders, now, perhaps, more than ever, before, in recent memory, who are ready, willing, and able, to, have the courage and nerve, to do, what’s right, and best, rather than, politically – expedient! Wouldn’t we benefit, if these individuals, aligned, consistently, proceeding, in a well – considered, timely manner, with prioritizing, relevant, and sustainable, viable solutions, commitment, and enough, pragmatism, to proceed, with, pragmatic idealism, instead of being, merely, a rigid – idealist? With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 specific areas, where we need, and must demand this approach, sooner, rather than later, before it’s too late!

1. Environment: Shouldn’t it be the responsibility of everyone, and especially, corporate executives, and political officials, to provide the next generation, with a plentiful availability, of safe, clean air, and water, and other environmental protections? For decades, it appeared, although, perhaps, not, quickly – enough, our public officials, faced – the – facts, and expanded environmental protections! However, during the four – year term of President Donald Trump, these protections, were largely, diminished/ reduced, and equated/ considered, largely, based on immediate, short – term economic benefits! The profound influence, Trump exhibited, over his Party, and core supporters, is still witnessed, by the resistance of some, to take, common sense measures, before it’s too late!

2. Climate Change: Whether you liked him, or not, Al Gore was right, when he wrote his book, An Inconvenient Truth! Climate change will not, magically, disappear, or go – away, simply, because, some wish to deny its existence! When, nearly all, climate scientists and experts, warn us, of the dire ramifications, it seems, some politicians, prefer to use it as a political issue/ football, rather than a clear and present danger!

3. Constitutional guarantees: We must protect all our Constitutional guarantees, rather than selective ones! This must be done, with common sense, instead of political rhetoric, etc! When some claim, the Second Amendment, provides, nearly – absolute gun rights, that is, clearly, what Constitutional experts, state! Those, who claim to be. originalists, are simply, reverting to rhetoric, to defend some restrictive decisions, ideas, etc! We must protect the best interests of all Americans, instead of only core supporters/ followers, by creating a fairer system of criminal justice/ rights protections, maximizing educational opportunities, for – all (rather than merely the wealthy), protect the public health and welfare, and eliminate the abundance of present – day, hate – crimes, bigotry, and prejudice! Doesn’t it make sense, we need a safe planet, because, how many more, must die, etc. before relevant actions, are taken?

4. Infrastructure: Of, all the issues, one would think, improving our deteriorating, infrastructure, should not, be political, but, as we recently, witnessed, it is, anyway! We must demand our public officials, serve the greater good, with common sense, rather than any personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest!

5. Education: If, we wish to restore this nation, to its leadership, in the world/ planet, we need to improve education, for all! One’s economic/ financial circumstances, must not, be the determining factor!

Wake up, America, and demand, better public leadership, and well – considered timely actions, especially, in areas, which must be top priorities, etc! Will you take the pledge, to seek more responsive, officials?