What Does Your Phone Cover Speak About Your Personality?

According to the latest reports by the United Nations, the world is populated with over 7.6 billion people. As we know, each person possesses their own unique sense of identity, morals and judgment that enables them to make decisions across their lifetime. In fact, that very certainty can be applied to how a person chooses a smartphone for themselves. In this day and age, no smartphone purchase can be complete without the additional purchase of a phone cover. But how does one identify which cover serves their needs well? In every study, certain parameters are identified that groups people together based on the decisions they make, and in this case, we have identified various personalities that encompass groups of people based on the phone cover they purchase. They can be highlighted as follows:

1. The Selfie Addict

For the ones who can’t begin their day without taking the perfect selfie, making sure that every photo gets the perfect matching filter to go with it, the translucent case is their need of the hour. Keeping it clean and simple, these folks like to keep the attention focused on what really matters at the moment, i.e. the perfect angle that brings out the best in them.

2. The Cricket Crank

There are those who enjoy the occasional matches that are played during the season, and then, there are those who live and breathe their way through one of the most popular games in India. They’re the ones who will call their bosses to let them know they won’t be making it to the office, just so that they can follow every run scored by their favourite players. For them, showing their love with a cricket-centric phone case is the least they can do to show their support.

3. The Comic Addict

Growing up in a generation that is defined by the superheroes from various universes is a gift that truly can’t be appreciated enough. DC comics and Marvel comics brought childhood imaginations to life with their stories, igniting a desire in every person to become their own superhero. With the arrival of their respective cinematic universes, even more fans have turned up across the world. Picking which side of the battle they support with a phone cover is just their way of showing support.

4. The Artsy Hipster

Looking for the finer things in life in the form of art is just one of the things that these folks search for. For them, art is a medium through which emotion is expressed in its raw form, acting as a reflection of the admiration they feel for the world around them. With a gamut of artwork available in the form of phone covers, choosing one that reflects best with their personality is an easy task.

There are many more we are sure haven’t been covered yet, but we are sure you are out there, discovering them all. Go get it!