Dust Off Your Knowledge of Jesus

Nowadays it’s easy and cheap, and in some cases even free, to study further. I decided to register for one of these online courses. Since we’re recording sermons now, I decided to do a videography course.

I have to say that the course, which runs over 32 weeks, is filled with information and I’m learning a lot of new stuff. I suspect our recordings will improve significantly as the course progresses.

But I already knew some of the things taught in the course. The course dusted it off a little and gave me a new perspective on these things. For example, I had this idea that film is actually just many, many photos that fly past your eyes.

But I never really understood the concept. But now that the course focused on it again and made it a bit clearer, I can set up the next recordings better. Now I understand exactly how it works and I can choose a better setting on the camera.

To make a really good production it is important to understand exactly how it works to make a film.

We know a lot of things about our faith. For most of us, we learned this from our parents during our childhood. But because we’re so busy in the world and because, in some cases we use all our energy just to survive, that knowledge fades away. Then, when we face a crisis, we make instant decisions. We don’t use the foundations of our faith, simply because we’ve forgotten them.

Sometimes, we go looking for help in the wrong places, finding the kind of help that won’t bring us to the right place.

It’s important to understand 100% who Jesus is and where He is and what he does for us. If we understand that well, it will be much easier to hit the troubles in our lives for a six.

1In essence, we have just such a high priest: authoritative right alongside God…

This simple truth says a lot. Jesus has completed His task successfully. It is indisputable that He has made the final sacrifice of Himself by dying for humankind.

Take this truth and smoke it!

Because of this saving act, God gave Jesus a seat of honour – right next to Him. On His righthand, which means that He was lifted up to the highest, most prominent place in the universe.

Jesus is higher than any of the priests that ever lived. The sacrifice He made was not the same as that of those earlier priests. God accepted Jesus’ sacrifice and it was sufficient.

Now Jesus has all power over heaven and earth. He can save and protect all who come to God through Him.

That’s our Jesus. Our Jesus is great and strong and powerful – much more than your present crisis. So, turn to Him, go and sit with Him right there where He sits next to God. He will help you. He already saved you at the cross. He will save you again now and tomorrow and the day after that.

Dust off this simple truth. Explain it to yourself again and keep it close to your heart for when you need it again.


Hebrews 8:1-5


How much do you know about Jesus?

Is it your source of power?

Do you include Him enough in your life?


Jesus, You sit next to God. You are in control of everything, but I can still get to You. I can talk to You. WOW! It’s so big, I can’t even see the full picture. Please help me dust off my knowledge of You and make You part of my whole life. Amen.