Jesus Brings Change

Change is part of life. Just look back at your childhood. We didn’t have screens. We didn’t even have a TV. To be honest, my dad said it was from the devil and that he would never buy one. When he accepted a call to a new congregation, the previous one gave him a big present. A TV. But wait, I’m getting side-tracked.

Times change. Today, you can look at each and every product in a shop from the comfort of your own home. You can click on it and before you know it, it’s delivered to your door.

Many changes are good. What if we still had outside toilets and suddenly you just had to go? It’s so convenient to get up and with three steps you’re at the en suite.

We should be grateful for the changes that have made life so much easier.

We should also be very grateful that God is no longer “locked away” from ordinary people in the Holy of Holies. That was the place that the priest could enter once a year to sprinkle blood as sacrifice for people’s redemption.

Jesus brough about a major change. Jesus upset the apple cart. Jesus tore the curtain, broke down the wall between people and God. Now we can reach God. We have to be so grateful for this change.

1-2In essence, we have just such a high priest: authoritative right alongside God, conducting worship in the one true sanctuary built by God.

The changes didn’t stop when Jesus left the earth. Jesus accepted a new job in heaven, namely to be a mediator for us people. Jesus is our cushion. Like my son would say, Jesus takes the hits for us.

The role of the high priest is to sacrifice a cow or a sheep or a dove so that we don’t have to be sacrificed or killed for our sins. When Jesus sacrificed His body, His being, on the cross, it was more than enough and there is no need for another sacrifice for our sins.

Thank goodness that things don’t stay the same. Thank goodness that things change and that the best comes our way again and again. Jesus sits next to God and defends us. He shows a picture of us to God that shows us washed clean of sin. And not because we are without sin. This was made possible only through the position that the High Priest took.

We should be so grateful towards Jesus. The question now is whether we are living that gratitude in the world out there? When you’re treated unfairly again, when you have to bite your tongue, because the things you’re accused of are so far from the truth, you have to show gratitude. How? You’ll know how!


Hebrews 8:1-5


Do you like change?

Do the changes that Jesus brought about make you happy?

How does it change your actions?


Jesus, thank you for the change that you brought. Thank you for sitting with the Father and putting our case to Him. Thank you that we can know that our place is being prepared in heaven. All glory to You! Amen.