The Blind Syndrome

Why is there such a preoccupation with the Lord’s return? People are looking for Biblical signs that point to His second coming. It seems we are more concerned with the “lift-off” than the lifting-up of our Faith during these difficult times. Many of the Biblical signs of the Last Days have continued to be promoted over the years by concerned Christians. Generation after generation has sought a response to the continuing physical and spiritual attack against their country. What seems to be the only answer is Jesus’ return and the “snatching away” of His people to the “Promised Land.” Why have so many Believers reverted to the “rapture” as the answer to the “war of the worlds?” Let me offer an observation that I am sure will provoke both a negative and a positive response.

The King of Syria had declared war against Israel. But every time the Syrians thought they had the Israelites in their sight, they disappeared. The King was angry and demanded to know how the Israelites had escaped. One of his soldiers learned that the Jewish prophet Elisha had warned the King of Israel that they were coming. The Syrian king ordered his army to find where Elisha was and to seize him. Soon they located Elisha in the city of Dothan. During the night they surrounded the city, waiting for the light of day to seize Elisha. In the morning the prophet’s servant rose up and found that they were surrounded. He informed his master and cried out, “What shall we do?” Elisha simply told him not to fear, for “They that be with us are more than they that be with them.” Surrounding the city was a mountain filled with “chariots of fire.” Elisha then prayed and asked God to open his servant’s eyes so he would see that God had everything under control. (II Kings 6:8-17)

One of the reasons so many Christians are preoccupied with the “end times” is that they are failing to see how God is involved in the war between evil and good. When we do not see God, evidenced by His manifestations, we think there is nothing left but to escape the battlefield before it gets too unbearable. I call this problem “The Blind Syndrome.” When we fail to recognize God’s involvement, we lose hope, which in turn allows our carnal nature to look for a way out of these challenging times.

The Lord will come in due time, but until then let us turn our eyes to the “mountains” and see that God is greater than all the problems surrounding us! Christians must look through and beyond the chaos and see that God is still on the Throne!

I urge every Believer to get his eyes off the “exit” and refocus on representing the Kingdom of God. I urge every Christian to “unpack” his traveling bag and get involved in living the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I urge every saint to shed fear and present hope. I urge every disciple to remove doom and gloom from his vocabulary and speak Biblical words of victory.