Peaches and Pearls Boutique

With school returning within a month for central Georgia, I began my back to school shopping hunt. I browsed many popular stores and boutiques, both virtually and physically. The clothes were either too expensive, low quality, or not in style.

I shared my fustration with my fellow friends, family, and followers on social media. I was referred to Peaches and Pearls Boutique from a fellow friend who assured me the boutique located in the small town of Sandersville would exceed my expectations for quality, style, and affordability.

At first I began by browsing online at their website. I was greeted by extremely affordable prices, a monogram option, and clothes for both genders. I appreciate the boutique’s variety, from play clothes to Sunday’s best, and even bows in multiple sizes. I was surprised at the color section for the bows, along with a option to customize the item by monogram. I was pleased with the size selection the store offered for the children’s clothes, sizes ranging from infant to toddler. To my surprise, Peaches and Pearls Boutique offered a selection of jewelry and infant accessories, such as diaper bags.

I emailed the small business with a few questions about their products, such as sizing and color variance. The business was quick to respond to my questions, and provided me with amazing customer service. One of the business owners assured me their items were hand picked and of high quality. I quickly purchased my items. Not only were the items affordable, the shipping cost was within reason.

The items I purchased from Peaches and Pearls Boutique came quickly. Once my items arrived I noticed the bows were packaged in a box, causing the bow to be delivered without damage. The color chart located on their website was spot on, and the quality was superb. I took advantage of the sale they were having for their bows. The hair accessories were available in multiple sizes, along with a head band option. My delight did not stop here, however, when I unwrapped the rest of my order, I was greeted with precious clothes full of southern charm. I paid an affordable price for my items but received high end quality clothes.

This boutique by far exceeded my expectations and provided me with warm southern hospitality. I am extremely satisfied and pleased with Peaches and Pearls Boutique. I see further transactions with this company in the near future.