The Charming Climate Of Lower Himalayas Of Pakistan

The climate of this part of Pakistan is the most beautiful, charming, moderate and exciting climate of whole Pakistan with no extremes of temperatures and ample rainfall both in the summer and winter months.

The stations that fall under the category of lower Himalayas include Murree, Bhurban, Natialgali, Abbotabad, Thandiani, Rawlakot, Kotli, etc. These all have a common feature of moderate and very beautiful climate all the year around with both winter and summer rain. Although the summer rain is more pronounced but the winter rain is by no means ignorable. The temperature figures are highly sensitive to elevation above sea level. For instance, the mean maximum of the hottest month at Murree (elevation 7500 ft.) is 77 F, that of Rawlakot (elevation 5700 ft.) is 84 F and that of Abbottabad (elevation 4200 ft.) is 93 F. At Thandiani with an elevation of 8800 ft. above sea level the mean maximum of the hottest month is only 68 F!

Total annual rainfall also varies with height but is nowhere less than 50 inches. Thandiani has had more than 100 inches recorded in recent years.

The first beautiful feature of the climate of this area is the moderation of temperatures. Although Murree and Skardu ( located far in extreme north east among high peaks of Himalayas) are roughly of the same height but the mean of the coldest month at Murree is 39 F; that of Skardu is 20 F. Likewise mean maximum of the hottest month at Murree is 80 F while the corresponding figure at Skardu is 90 F. At Murree it is rare of the mid-day thermometer to exceed 90 F even in the hottest part of the year while at Skardu temperatures over 95 F are common in mid-summer. Again at Murree it is rare for the nighttime low to fall below 20 F even at the height of winter whereas at Skardu temperatures up to 0 F are usual in extreme winter. By the way Skardu holds the record of Pakistan’s coldest city when a temperature of -17 F was recorded on 24th day of January 1994.

The second striking feature is the ample amount of rainfall equally distributed throughout the year that supports thick forests and beautiful foliage and meadows can be seen everywhere throughout this region. As compared to these areas, the cities location far north surrounded by high mountains of which Gilgit and Skardu are typical examples; are much deficient in rainfall. Although they are in beautiful cities in their own right due to picturesque surroundings of high mountains around them but thickets is a rarity to be seen there.

In short, the climate of the lower Himalayas is the best climate of whole Pakistan and worth visiting for travel and leisure.