The Basic Instinct

The basic instinct for survival has always been the dominate force in life. A God given trait to survive is embedded in all living things. Humans are not natures rarest creatures. But, what we do have is a higher level of intellectual abilities. There again you would never know it by the actions of some others. It is our ability to gain intellectual powers through parental guidance and influence, by the way we adapt to our surrounding environment, and through the education we receive as we age. Unfortunately, today there remains a few that have shown a retardation, a decline of their mental faculties in responses to event, crisis, and circumstances that sometimes are beyond their control.

It is no more apparent in the leadership we have and or about to have. In anticipation of the 2020 Presidential election amidst this current Global health crisis there are many factors that could display mans ability to rise above adversity and yet all we have seen by the actions of our leaders is a contraction of intellectual abilities. The case of survival has already been made. Still the responses being made have shown our chances slipping away. The world is a tinder box while too many are kept in the dark not knowing decisions that are made for us doesn’t and won’t ease the suffering of so many millions.

Man maybe at the head of the food chain but, there again we would never know it by the way things are playing out today. The struggle to survive continues despite the reassurances by government that all is well and good. No consolation to those millions who have lost so much. For they will never recoup all that was lost. The charity of others to those who are less fortunate remain a bright spot in an otherwise dark world. But charity alone won’t solve what has amounted to bad decisions and policies of government.

For years now governmental policies specially in regards to our food supply chain has made millions of people having weakened immune systems. With weakened immune systems people are more prone to be susceptible to all sorts of diseases and afflictions. Other governmental policies that have a direct bearing on the publics ability to survive lies with the disastrous economic decisions over the years that have led millions of Americans not being able to afford even the basic necessities of living. If we had much of what is happening today could have been avoided.

The industrialization of the worlds food and limited access to clean pollutant free fresh water has made populations more prone to suffer from all forms of horrific and devastating diseases, aliments, and afflictions. The Pandemic the world is faced with today could very well have never gotten past an epidemic stage if government had in place the policies and reforms that ensures the publics health and safety as their major responsibility. Sadly though to many of the policies in place today are engineered for monetary concerns and not for the overall publics benefit.